- Inspiring clients who want to make a difference to their environmental impact

- Encouraging client participation in the decision making process

- Designing buildings that are fabulous to live in, comfortable, bright, airy, fun, and make best use of the views

- Minimising the environmental impact of construction

- Significantly reducing the energy consumption 

- Designing for durability and low ongoing maintenance

- Providing innovative and creative solutions to design/site issues by integrating the engineering, building design and renewable systems

- Optimising the water cycle, by recycling grey water, collecting rainwater and minimizing usage of this precious resource

- Designing alternative energy systems such as photovoltaic cells

- Using only plantation timbers and recycled hardwoods

- Recycling waste produced on site and during demolition

- Maintaining a philosophy of treading on the earth lightly



- Registered Building Practitioner/Designer

- Registered Structural Engineer- Graduate Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (Major in Aeronautical Structures and Systems)

- Registered builder 1993-1996, Construction of 8 solar efficient homes
- Winner of Master Builders Association Excellence in Housing Award 1994, 1995 1996

- Study Tour in United States of best practice energy efficient building design 1984

- Lecturer Australian Greenhouse Office lecture tour Moving to Mainstream 2002 & 2003 in major capital cities of Australia and appearances on ABC talkback radio.

- 400 + sustainable homes designed and built 

Special Interests: My passion is for mankind to win. Our relationship with spaceship earth is deteriorating at a rapid rate, for me it is a race to save the planet and sustainable design is the most creative way I can contribute to winning that race. Andreas is interested in all form of music and loves studying astrophysics, cosmology and sailing.

Sunpower designed buildings become an investment for future generations by